Event Period: 2nd October to 28th October 2014

20141002 duel-event
Renewal Anniversary Dual Event info

Continuously duel within the event period to earn rewards!

Duel counts are accumulative.

Achievement Reward
Duel 5 Times Doll's Diary
Duel 10 Times New Year shoes
Duel 30 Times New Year Dress
Duel 60 Times Dragon Amulet (weapon)
Duel 110 Times Asclepius' Draught (+1 Max AP)

There is also a hidden achievement. Present 10 quests to friends: Get 1x Boss Compass

On the 14th October, a new part of the event was added! 

Get your L1 Melen here

Collect Anniversary Coins (even though Asia isn't even 9 months old) by dueling in Reighdenberg!

Achievement Reward
3 Anniversary Coins Anniversary Shoes
5 Anniversary Coins Anniversary Ribbon
10 Anniversary Coins Anniversary Dress
15 Anniversary Coins L1 Melen
25 Anniversary Coins Anniversary Angel

Rooms in the channel spawn randomly now and then. Below is a list of what mobs appear in the rooms.

R1 to R3 gives 1 Coin when defeated, R4-5 2 Coins, R6-7 3 Coins, and R8 gives 5 Coins.


Name CPU's Cards
R1 Indomitable Warrior L3 Izac
R2 Desperado L3 Archibald
R2 Phoenix M2 Moon Bird
R3 Assassin L5 Leon

R3 The Man with Dual Sword

L5 Friedrich
R3 Crazy Researcher

L5 Rosso

R3 Acolyte L5 Melen
R4 Dark Night Ghost M2 Vampire Lord
R5 Noble Ghost M3 The Moon Duke


Name CPU's Cards
R1 Dwarf of Carnage M1 Zwerge M2 Gidwerg M3 Thco Thco
R1 Flame Car M1 Will o' the wisp M2 Ball Lightning M3 Sprite
R2 Demon's Trial M1 Werewolf M2 Skeleton Warrior M3 Scull Knight
R2 Ghost of Grave Keeper M1 Skeleton M2 Skeleton Warrior M2 Unknown Cloth
R2 Armor Samurai M2 Silver Sentinel M2 Heinric M2 Soul Drain
R3 Invader from Shadow M2 Dusk Lilit M2 Ghost Rider M3 Green Knight
R3 Reflection in Dark M1 Skeleton M3 Zombie Crown M2 Mad Daemon
R3 Immortal Boy L3 Blaise L4 Grunwald L5 Bernhard
R4 Nameless Shimmer M3 Flame Vampire M3 Flame Vampire M3 Flame Vampire
R4 Immortal M2 Skeleton Warrior L5 Sheri L5 Donita
R4 Mechanical Soldier L3 Ada M3 Invasion Machine M3 Mechanical Soldier (Blue)
R4 Tricky Man M2 Mad Daemon M3 Unseen Master M3 Moon Child
R4 Bond between Siblings L5 Ayn L5 Sprout -
R5 Grandillenia M3 Skeleton General L5 Evarist L5 Izac
R5 Dreamy Vampire M3 Corpse Blade M3 Shiny M3 Vampire Lamia
R5 Moonlight Princess M10 Lamia - -
R5 The Lake Ruler M10 Ubos - -

R6 Ambassador of Moon and Light

M3 Demon Spider M3 Lilit of Darkness M10 Lamia
R6 Unlight L5 Donita R3 Sheri M10 Lamia
R7 Revival Hero R3 Evarist R3 Grunwald R3 Abel
R8 Lake of Shadow and Moon M3 Lilit of Darkness M10 Lamia M10 Ubos