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- 22 Aug - 9 Sep 2013 22 Aug - 9 Sep 2013 -

In this event, you will get various tips, weapon cards and other items upon completing achievements by collecting specific number Quest Points (QP). Before the start of this event, your QP collected before had been rest to 0, so all players have to start from the beginning.

All Quest are specified with a "Level". For example, all the quests in the map "Witches' Valley" are of Quest Level 1. If you complete a quest in this map, you earn 1 QP. If you could complete a quest with only 2 or 1 cards in your deck, the QP earned will be increased by 50% or 200% respectively (i.e. 150% or 300% of the original).

In these 2 weeks, there is also a chance for you to find special quests with M10 Monster, the Land Jellyfish. Completing theses quests will earn you 10, 25 or 50 QP respectively. You can find all these 1☆ quests in all the maps (except HexRealm). You can also find ExEventPasses in the FBC shop, which will give you access to high-QP quests. The QP collected is accumulative, so you have to collect 3000 QP for the ultimate prize.

The prizes are listed below:

Collect 10 QP: Ancient Potion, Time Slip, Seaside Sandal (Black)
Collect 50 QP: Memory Tips *2, Sunglasses (Black)
Collect 100 QP: Time Tips *2, Bikini (Black) (Lower Part)
Collect 300 QP: Soul Tips *2, Bikini (Black) (Upper Part)
Collect 500 QP: Light Tips *2, El Knife
Collect 700 QP: Ublight Tips *2, El Chip
Collect 1000 QP: Chaosium, Inquisitors' Cloak
Collect 2000 QP: Icy Sword (Close Range ATK +4, Middle, Long Range DEF -3, 1 Cost), Mini Closet
Collect 3000 QP: Water Gun (Middle, Long Range ATK +4, Close Range DEF -3, 1 Cost), Mini Closet